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App Updates

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App Contributors
Martin Walker - iOS Developer
Nive Suresh - Android Developer

App Description
The Traditional Latin Mass Finder (TLM Finder) is an app that will help you find find nearby Latin Masses (Masses of the Extraordinary Form) based on your current location.

The iOS (iPhone) version of the application is written by Martin Walker. The upcoming Android version of the app is written by Nive Suresh.

You can search on Latin Masses close to your location, or do a search on Masses based on address.

You will get a list of the closest 30 Latin Masses to your area. Tap on the list, and you get a detail screen, with Mass times, address, phone number, email, and website. Tapping the phone, website and email rows will call the church, bring up your web browser, or bring up your email application respectively. Tapping on the address will take you to the Maps application, so that you can easily navigate to the church.

The Traditional Latin Mass Finder is free to download and use.

Following are screenshots of the iOS application (Android screenshots coming soon!).

For resources, I use websites, word of mouth, and emails. Thank you to everyone who has emailed updates to me since I launched the app!

I want to give a special thanks to the following websites for information on when/where Latin Masses are held.

For the United States
Listing of Latin Mass Locations - Carl Schwalm's site. Excellent source!
Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco
Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
Society of Saint Pius X

For Canada
Listing of Latin Mass Locations - Carl Schwalm's site. Great Canadian source as well.
Society of Saint Piux X - Canada

For the United Kingdom
The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales

Additional Countries
Catholic Apologetics

For app support, or if you know of additions/corrections for Mass times and churches, please email me at

Note: If you are new to a church, please call for verify Mass times. Mass schedules, including Traditional Latin Mass schedules, are always changing.

God Bless,
-Martin Walker

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